Australian Composting Technologies (ACT) is the leading manufacturer of composting technologies in Australia. ACT develops innovative, sustainable and energy efficient solutions to transform organic waste streams into valuable resources, as well as systems allowing compost to be effectively applied.

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The ACT team

The ACT team has been designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative composting systems for 15 years and have produced the World???s first commercial solar powered composter, Australia???s first rotating in-vessel commercial composting system, and Australia???s first Liquid Compost Extraction Unit.

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The 100% Australian owned and operated

The 100% Australian owned and operated company works closely with global innovators to supply integrated organic waste-to-resource solutions. ACT can provide solutions for schools and universities, island resorts and remote sites, farms and agricultural endeavours, prisons and correction centres, zoos and animal refuges, mining, local government and industry to process organic waste into a useable and valuable resource.


Industry expertise with product development

Australian Composting Technologies combines industry expertise with product development to help organisations move into the circular economy and enabling them to sustainably process their waste on-site and create a valuable resource.


Composting for the future ??? waste to valuable resource.